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Educational Alternatives, Volume 12, 2014

Magdalena Zhelyazkova
Pages: 66-71
Published: 4 Sep 2014
Views: 3,096
Downloads: 612
Abstract: It is commonly asumed that in an attempt to unite the conceptions 'informational society' and 'education', the first is based on the second. And the training of specialists, who will develop the society towards improvement of communications, is viewed as the connection between these two conceptions. We asume that the connection of the said conceptios is two-directional, because the existing model of education, the educational system, is in need of a serious renovation. The blackboard and the chalk, though in the form of an interactive board, have long become anachronistic. The textbooks in their paper outlook, too, even their electronic variety, likewise. Modern education gains its power not only through obtaining ready-to-use knowledge, but through rationalising and reproducing it with creativity. Everyone can learn by heart and recite the Avadakedavra, but very few are those who can compose something new based on it, even on a student's level. How can we help most of the students to reach that level?
Keywords: informational society, informational technologies, globalisation, education amidst informational society, informatics, information, informational syst
Cite this article: Magdalena Zhelyazkova. EDUCATION AND THE INFORMATIONAL SOCIETY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 12, 66-71 (2014).
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