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Educational Alternatives, Volume 12, 2014

Anastasia V. Shartynova
Pages: 802-810
Published: 4 Sep 2014
Views: 2,541
Downloads: 590
Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem of Voluntary activity promotes improvement of occurrence of the young man to the world of adult. Socialization is an important stage of life, represents process of search and definition of the comfortable social status of the young man in society, is in interdependence with internal attitude of the person. Voluntary activity promotes formation of valuable system of the person and development of the personality by means of interaction with the members of society needing care and support. Being guided by the principles of mercy and goodheartedness, the person enriches the inner world, feels participation in the world surrounding it and society. The state shouldn't stand aside, it should create favorable conditions for development of voluntary activity. It is represented that as the important direction of the state efforts promoting of voluntary activity has to act as a significant social merit of the personality before society, standard fixing of forms of support.
Keywords: socialization, initiative, society, youth, pedagogical technology, volunteering
Cite this article: Anastasia V. Shartynova. YOUTH SOCIALIZATION IN MODERN SOCIETY BY MEANS OF VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 12, 802-810 (2014).
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