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Educational Alternatives, Volume 12, 2014

Zhao Yue
Pages: 1093-1102
Published: 22 Sep 2014
Views: 2,856
Downloads: 752
Abstract: The enrolment of female graphic design students is higher than that of male students in all stages of higher education - bachelor, master and doctoral levels. However, female designers occupy much lower positions in work environments than men. Some attribute this phenomenon to the stereotypes in patriarchal societies; others to biological differences. However, another highly important factor is that women often easily lose their confidence in many areas, especially career advancement. This paper focuses on self-confidence, which is an essential factor in female designers’ academic and professional achievements. Based on interviews and investigations with higher education students (bachelor, master and PhD) and female and male professionals, this research attempts to determine the causes of women’s lack of self-confidence and possible influencing factors and to propose suggestions for their future practice. The results offer implications for how professional educators and social workers can help women improve their self-confidence and acquire career skills.
Keywords: gender perceptions, self-confidence establishment, innate characteristics, external effect, experience, psychological implications
Cite this article: Zhao Yue. WHERE IS WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE? MY STORY…. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 12, 1093-1102 (2014).
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