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Educational Alternatives, Volume 12, 2014

Liuba C. Botezatu
Pages: 1137-1162
Published: 23 Sep 2014
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Downloads: 668
Abstract: The effects of the inter-disciplinary are those of awareness of the self on the board of the new values of education, and the arrangements of the principle of general axiology are those of orientation, organization and exaltation of knowledge on the stage of re-consignation of the Great Graces. The human brain, in its incipient entirety (overall analytical synthesizer), represents just a value sheet of revalorisation of the self, but not the progressive-evaluative process in the complexity of the identity arrangement. Whilst the Corpus Callous (lat. „tough body”) holds the function of focalizing the creativity at the level of the phenomenological (genetically) stylus from the inside, the body of the Graciousness proclaims its arrangement outside the Self through itself and through others. The Beautiful, at the stage of Graciousness, as a general axiological principle and a value sensitizer space, constitutes the projection of the exteriorization of the Self through the abyss. Or, the motives of enthronement of a value space adequate to the completions, could be those of offering to each attitude taking a real chance of adjustment/connection of the Self to the string of the absolute beautiful, to the string of celestial renewals.
Keywords: corpus callous, corpus graciousness datum, creativity and otherness, global axiological principle, philosophy of education
Cite this article: Liuba C. Botezatu. THE PRINCIPLE OF GLOBAL AXIOLOGY AND THE BIPOLARIZED ADEQUACY OF THE UNIQUE „DATUM”. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 12, 1137-1162 (2014).
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