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Media & Mass Communication, Volume 4, 2015

Urszula Wich – Szymczak
Pages: 13-26
Published: 15 Jan 2015
Views: 3,237
Downloads: 878
Abstract: The article comprises research in two areas of image building. The first is describing the exact way of creating the sign book of City of Lodz, and general image building comments. It is said how the firm communicates with clients using visual identification - it is as important as the quality of services, as available portfolio, or mission of the company where the consumer operates on a rational level. In the case of the logo it effects at emotional level. Positive image will also build a good relationship with the proximal and distal environment, which in turn can lead to better product position in comparison to those of the same price range. In this part of article it is clarified why the new sign of the city has been changed. Lodz is an exceptional place. There are few similar places in the world that collect and focus around themselves so large group of designers, creating in the same spirit. The city used to be called "the promised land". Design of a new logo of Lodz is based on the alphabet created by Wladyslaw Strzeminski in 1932, uses basic geometric shapes, lines, angles and positions the project as unification with the artistic assumption of avant-garde of 20s and 30s of the last century. Strzeminski gave rise to a new understanding of art, and his thought has found many followers who still educate the younger artists generation in the spirit of avant-garde. The second area of interest is cumulated around image building on official Facebook profile of City of Lodz. Social media, namely those created by users for themselves. They are a platform for the opinion exchange, and consequently - their creation. The creation of the person, creation of the organization, creation of the company, and finally creation of the brand. Social media also had an impact on the standard types of ATL, making them more multitasking. Apart from the standard calculation of the benefits of the product, they have become the beginning of an adventure with the brand, that we can continue in social media.
Keywords: image, identity, brand building, social media, internet, logo
Cite this article: Urszula Wich – Szymczak. THE CITY OF LODZ IMAGE BUILDING ON OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PROFILE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Media & Mass Communication 4, 13-26 (2015).
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