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Educational Alternatives, Volume 13, 2015

Stefania Capogna
Pages: 1-8
Published: 24 Feb 2015
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Abstract: With the development of Information Communications Technology (ICT) we have observed an extraordinary opportunity in cultural and communication processes, with relevant effects on the education system and educational, pedagogical and teaching models that govern this relationship. The potential of these techno-social environments for educational systems, but not only, raises new questions for a sociological reflection more attentive to new social dynamics produced by these technologies. We start from the idea that, despite widespread criticism,the immobility of the education system and the absence of an overview regarding the use of these new devices in teaching practices, we note a significant tendency towards change. Therefore, we attempt to: highlight any differences in perspectives and models in use among the e-learning systems and teaching practices; draw a reflection of risks and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses associated with the use of such instruments / techno-social environment in educational processes.
Keywords: sociology of education, e-learning, university, school, education, internet, technology
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