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Agriculture & Food, Volume 3, 2015

Laima Česonienė, Kristina Lingytė, Daiva Šileikienė, Midona Dapkienė
Pages: 64-68
Published: 23 May 2015
Views: 2,196
Downloads: 562
Abstract: Ground water is underground water that has accumulated in watery rocks over the first water-resistant rock layer which is shy this water is less protected from surface pollution especially by fertilizers used in agriculture. Unbalanced application of fertilizers encourages washing nutritional matters out from soil and threatening environmental well-being. The aim of research is to determine regularities of nitrogen compounds migrating into ground water when organic fertilizers are used. For this purpose an eight-lysimeter site was established on educational farm at Lithuanian University of Agriculture. In 2010 organic fertilizers ‘Ragų geluonių miltai‘, ‘Ragų drožlės‘, ‘Provita were used in lysimeters. Concentrations of ammonium, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates in lysimetric water were measured. It was found that during the first month of research maximum concentrations of ammonium ions washed away after Provita N90 and Provita N180 had been applied. Concentration of nitrates was the greatest in lysimetric water after Ragų geluonių miltai N180 had been applied. After application of fertilizers Ragų geluonių miltai, a strong negative connection was determined between concentrations of nitrates and total nitrogen. After organic fertilizers Ragų drožlės N270 were applied, a strong positive connection between total nitrogen and pH, as well as concentration of ammonium After fertilizers Provita were applied, strong negative connection was determined between nitrites and pH concentration, as well as a strong positive connection between total nitrogen and ammonium, nitrites.
Keywords: organic fertilizers lysimeter water, nitrogen, nitrates
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