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Agriculture & Food, Volume 3, 2015

Linda Brunava, Ina Alsiņa, Solveiga Maļecka
Pages: 82-90
Published: 23 May 2015
Views: 2,760
Downloads: 588
Abstract: Oat (Avena sativa L.) is well known as a healthy food in the world, because of its unique biochemical structure. The aim of this study was evaluate 19 different husked oat cultivars by yield and quality parameters in three vegetation seasons. The obtained results showed significant differences among oat cultivars and growing season in all tested parameters, for example average yield in 2012 was 4.99 t ha-1, in 2013 – 5.81 t ha-1 and in 2014 – 7.74 t ha-1. Higher yielding ability showed foreign cultivars, but with better quality characterized Latvian breed cultivars.
Keywords: oat, yield, protein, lipids, β-glucan
Cite this article: Linda Brunava, Ina Alsiņa, Solveiga Maļecka. YIELD AND ITS QUALITY PARAMETERS OF OAT CULTIVARS GROWN IN LATVIA. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 3, 82-90 (2015).
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