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Agriculture & Food, Volume 3, 2015

Mehmet Çoban, Aydın Ünay
Pages: 178-185
Published: 23 May 2015
Views: 2,923
Downloads: 706
Abstract: The experimental material consisted of the five parents (GSN 12, Şahin 2000, BA 308, Lider, Delcerro) and their 10 F1 diallel combinations. An experiment was carried out in randomized complete block design with four replications to assess combining abilities for yield and fiber qualities at Cotton Research Station Nazilli during the year 2013. The experiment was conducted to obtain genetic information on seed cotton yield, ginning out turn, fiber length, fiber fineness and fiber strength. The parents Şahin 2000 and BA 308 are the best combiner for seed cotton yields and fiber fineness; Delcerro for fiber length and fiber strength; Lider for ginning outturn. The F1 crosses of Şahin 2000 × Delcerro and BA 308 × Lider were the leading specific combiners for seed cotton yield per plant. The F1 crosses of GSN-12 × Şahin 2000, GSN-12 × BA 308, GSN-12 × Delcerro and Lider × Delcerro was found to be good combiners for ginning outturn, GSN-12 × Lider, Şahin 2000 × Delcerro and BA 308 × Delcerro for fiber length, GSN-12 × BA 308, GSN-12 × Lider, Şahin 2000 × BA 308, Şahin 2000 × Lider and Şahin 2000 × Delcerro for fiber fineness, GSN-12 × Şahin 2000 and Lider × Delcerro for fiber strength.
Keywords: combining ability, diallel, gene action, general combining ability, specific combining ability
Cite this article: Mehmet Çoban, Aydın Ünay. COMBINING ABILITY FOR YIELDS AND FIBER QUALITIES IN COTTON CROSSES (GOSSYPIUM HIRSITUM L.). Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 3, 178-185 (2015).
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