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Agriculture & Food, Volume 3, 2015

Zoubeida Boumahdi Merad, Nacira Zerrouki Daoudi, Ali Berbar, Mohamed Lafri, Rachid Kaidi
Pages: 340-348
Published: 23 May 2015
Views: 2,287
Downloads: 628
Abstract: In order to know the situation of the production and consumption of rabbit meat in Algeria, a survey was conducted among 225 farms with a total of 3.400 rabbits including 646 breeding does on average between 4-5 rabbits per farm. Our study has covered northern regions of Algeria (Bouira, Medea, AinDefla, Ksar El Boukhari) and South regions (Biskra and Boussaada ). The results showed that breeding is essentially traditional. Farms followed by men predominate in the areas of Ksar El Boukhari, Bouira, Biskra where they represent 73% on average. Size and the average number of reproductive females is on average of four to five rabbits does breeding. The production of rabbits is intended primarly for own -consumption (44% of farms) and 26% marketing. The breeding of the rabbit local ground is performed in 46% of all livestock. In the rest of the farms, rabbits are housed in old premises (46% of farms), cement buildings (29% of farms), wooden cages and craft (14 and 20% of farms respectively). Depending on the season, the feed is composed of spontaneous herbs ,dry bread , vegetable peelings, dates in 68% and 56% of the studied farms, respectively. Prolificacy is between 6-10 pups per litter in the majority of surveyed farms. The total number of calving is 45% of the surveyed farms. Weaning is between 40 to 45 days in 42% of farms. The number of newborn deaths (1-3) was 56% of farms. Animal watering is done every day in 86% of farms.
Keywords: livestock farmer traditional rabbit production
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