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Materials, Methods & Technologies 2021, 23rd International Conference
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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 9, 2015

Alicia N. Roviglione, Ricardo W. Gregorutti, Rodolfo A. Kempf
Pages: 169-177
Published: 31 May 2015
Views: 2,041
Downloads: 702
Abstract: A method, conceptually new, for manufacturing hierarchically structured porous materials is presented. The porous structure was tailored during solidification stage and/or solid state transformations. These new materials are called AEROEUTECTICS® and AEROEUTECTOIDS®. Those names refer to a new family of light materials obtained by the substitution with air of selected solid phases (one or more) from a eutectic or eutectoid. This was done with specific treatment of chemical dissolution taking care of preserving the chemical composition and structural integrity of the remaining phases. Some potential uses of these materials are catalysts, adsorbent, super capacitors and solar collectors.
Keywords: light porous materials, eutectic solidification, eutectoids, graphite, cementite, cast iron
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