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Educational Alternatives, Volume 13, 2015

Josephine S. H. Jim
Pages: 335-341
Published: 27 Aug 2015
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Abstract: In the past ten years, management learning has been evolving around various elements such as learning topics, skill sets and their applications in the real world, transferability, its impact on job and career aspiration, and the modes of teaching and learning. This article aims to reflect upon the innovation in management learning in the past decade, management knowledge and skill set requirements to meet the challenges in the global landscape, and the value-adding services sought by students and executives in their learning today. This paper makes a contribution to management learning by opening new directions for conventional providers of management education, who need to be alert of its rapidly changing nature, the changing needs of employers and their employees in management development, to adapt to the new global business landscapes, and to take innovative approaches in their development of management learning programs.
Keywords: innovation, management, learning
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