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Economy & Business, Volume 9, 2015

Daniel Neagoe
Pages: 711-722
Published: 14 Sep 2015
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Abstract: In a continuous dynamically enhancing global context in terms of complexity, there is a stringent need for a better understanding of economic and human cognitive and behavioural mechanisms and the amount of rationality, irrationality and arationality which is substantiating people decisions. There is an imperative need for a profound analysis and revision of the concepts of gene, seme and meme from epistemological, logical and praxeological perspectives and their correlations with people cognitive and behavioural decisional mechanisms and how rational, arational, irrational, conscious, aconscious and unconscious states are interfering and forming cognitive and behavioural artefacts. The argument of the paper is to approach the concepts of genes, semes and memes into a comprehensively theory to explain human cognitive and behavioural decisional mechanisms for a better understanding of how humans are functioning and what are the causes of cultural genesis, transferring, transforming and extinction.
Keywords: gene, seme, meme, rationality, irrationality, arationality, conscious, aconscious
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