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Agriculture & Food, Volume 4, 2016

Eglė Norkevičienė, Vilma Kemešytė, Giedrė Dabkevičienė, Bronislava Butkutė
Pages: 74-84
Published: 6 Jun 2016
Views: 1,694
Downloads: 398
Abstract: Switchgrass is being newly adopted in Europe as alternative perennial bioenergy crop. It is an outcrossing species with significant difference in ploidy levels. The objective of this study was to compare the biomass yields of switchgrass germplasm differing in ploidy level. Field experiments were conducted in the Central Lowland of Lithuania during 2013–2015. The results suggest, differences among years of harvest were greater than differences among ploidy groups (P<0.01). Yield differences between ploidy groups changed from year to year and increased progressively with advancement of plant age. For example, in the third year of harvest the highest yielding group was mixed ploidy; its dry matter yield increased by 51% from the first harvest year; moreover, its dry matter was higher 28% to 9% comparing with tetraploid and octoploid groups respectively. The current study could contribute to the development of appropriate breeding approach to improve biomass yield of switchgrass.
Keywords: switchgrass, yield, ploidy, dry matter, breeding
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