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Agriculture & Food, Volume 4, 2016

Romualdas Misius, Justina Tomkevičiūtė
Pages: 577-589
Published: 6 Jun 2016
Views: 1,941
Downloads: 484
Abstract: In the historical development of the formation of Lithuanian rural landscape the changes were affected by the natural conditions, agricultural tools, technique and technology, political, economical and social factors, and agrarian reforms. The factors of social ad agrarian reforms have changed the forms of the agrarian landscape essentially. As the agrarian structures were changing together with the network of settlements and roads, the structure of the agrarian plantings was also changing. The distinctive spatial systems of the agrarian plantings were formed in each period of the changes and they used to pick up the most vital elements from the previous system in order to adapt them to the new conditions. When the general soil melioration was done, the historical development of the formation of agrarian plantings, the continuity of their types and forms was not taken into account, as well as the planting traditions and adaptation possibilities. The article analyzes the historical development of the spatial system of agrarian plantings in the Lithuanian rural landscape, the change of its components, and continuity of the types and forms of agrarian plantings with regard to the historical types of rural landscape. There were determined the formation traditions of the spatial system of agrarian plantings and their components, there were suggested the possibilities, how to use them, while doing the ecologic melioration of agrarian landscape, optimizing the spatial structure of the rural landscape with the help of the agrarian plantings, and recovering its ecologic stability, visual quality, esthetic attractiveness and national distinctiveness.
Keywords: agrarian landscape, eco–stability, spacial system of agro–plantations, historical inheritance
Cite this article: Romualdas Misius, Justina Tomkevičiūtė. LITHUANIAN RURAL LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 4, 577-589 (2016).
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