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Ecology & Safety, Volume 10, 2016

Vania Georgieva, Nora Angelova, Olympia Roeva, Tania Pencheva
Pages: 365-376
Published: 7 Jun 2016
Views: 2,387
Downloads: 574
Abstract: Recently developed InterCriteria Analysis (ICrA) is here applied to assess the quality of the processes of water purification in a typical wastewater treatment plant (WTP). Various parameters dependences characterizing the quality of WTP processes such as water quantity, pH, COD, petrol, different mechanical admixtures, PO4P, NH4N, etc., are going to be analyzed based on real experimental data. Degrees of “agreement” and degrees of “disagreement” between preliminary determined criteria have been established implementing ICrA. This is expected to result in an additional knowledge acquisition about the WTP process itself and in establishment of some relations between ICrA criteria, especially in terms of time (seasonal) dependences.
Keywords: wastewater, treatment, intercriteria, analysis
Cite this article: Vania Georgieva, Nora Angelova, Olympia Roeva, Tania Pencheva. INTERCRITERIA ANALYSIS OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT QUALITY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 10, 365-376 (2016).
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