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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 10, 2016

L. G. Gerasimova, A. I. Nikolaev, M. V. Maslova, E. S. Shchukina
Pages: 104-111
Published: 1 Jul 2016
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Abstract: Physico-chemical processes and properties of titanium-containing oxide composites (titanosilicate), obtained by joint precipitation or ultrafine grinding of the components, have been explored. Conditions of direct synthesis of the composites of predetermined composition, structure and grain size, providing good operational features for the fillers, have been determined. The resulting nano-size composite powders either consist of titanium(IV) dioxide of the rutile ore anatase modifications, incorporated into an X-ray amorphous silica matrix, or of particles with a titanium(IV) dioxide nucleus inside a silica shell. The composites are characterized by a narrow size distribution and properties that make them attractive components for various functional materials. Using in synthesis of mostly technical materials, rather than pure, reagents reduces the fillers cost and extends the area of their application.
Keywords: grinding, mechanical activation, thermolysis, composite, titanium dioxide, silica, homogeneous composition, grain size, morphological properties
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