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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 10, 2016

Cumali Celik
Pages: 506-512
Published: 11 Jul 2016
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Downloads: 541
Abstract: It has been shown that imides and its derivatives like isoindolines which are active precursors of the important compounds in the pharmacological and medicinal researches have antidepressant, anticancer, antimalarial, antibacterial and fungicidal properties (Brana 2001; Zentz 2002). Furthermore, the arylation and alkenization of alkenes in presence of palladium catalyst in organic synthesis named as Heck reaction, keep their currency as very effective catalyzing method in forming carbon-carbon bonds. Recently, the asymmetric Heck-type hydroarylation of specific bicyclic ring systems of alkenes have been examined intensively, because of the easily obtained stereoselective results (Namyslo & Kaufmann 1997, 1999). This study planned after a wide literature surveys, is consist of three steps. The first step is the synthesizing of tricyclic imides and the second one is including after reducing of these compounds with NaBH4 to obtain the new bicylic derivatives. The third step is domino-Heck reactions of alkenic imides with aryl (hetaryl) halides.
Keywords: tricyclic imides, reduction of hydrite, domino-heck type hydroarylation reactions
Cite this article: Cumali Celik. SYNTHESIS OF DIFFERENT HETEROBICYCLIC SYSTEMS WITH DOMINO-HECK REACTIONS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 10, 506-512 (2016).
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