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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 10, 2016

Pages: 202-214
Published: 11 Aug 2016
Views: 1,676
Downloads: 432
Abstract: Semantic formula (SF) is an analyzing unit for speech acts such as refusal or apology. For example, there are “reason”, “apology”, and “refusal” in the refusal expression. Data from my previous study (Candy, 2015) shows that the SF occurs in the same order in each test set of every group, “apology”–“reason”–“refusal” in the Japanese data, and “apology”–“refusal” in the Indonesian data. Considering this clear pattern, language structure is considered to affect the “thought pattern” in constructing the refusal expression. Preliminary results of 32 Korean and 43 Vietnamese data further support this hypothesis.
Keywords: semantic formula, refusal expression, japanese, indonesian, korean, vietnamese
Cite this article: Candy. OCCURRING ORDER OF THE SEMANTIC FORMULA IN REFUSAL EXPRESSION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 10, 202-214 (2016).
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