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Economy & Business, Volume 10, 2016

Florentina Istrate
Pages: 607-618
Published: 29 Sep 2016
Views: 1,240
Downloads: 379
Abstract: The reliability of financial information is a prerequisite for security of assets and proper assessment for global capital market participants to assess the financial position of a company. On the one hand, the existence of information asymmetry favores economic agents better informed that can use to their advantage the lack of information to others, on the other hand, there are situations where information asymmetry is not simply a lie or hide the truth, it is the result of a practical calculation of the buyer, who does not want to inform himself in an appropriate way because that would imply some costs that he is not willing to pay. In this context, a natural question arises: who has an abusive practice? The lender-participant to the transaction or the producer emitter of asymmetric accounting information? This is the question that we try to answer.
Keywords: information asymmetry, financial analysis, accountant reasoning, financial fraud, prudential accounting behaviour
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