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Ecology & Safety 2020, 29th International Conference
26-29 August, Burgas, Bulgaria
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Ecology & Safety, Volume 11, 2017

Zlatina Peteva, Stanislava Georgieva, Mona Stancheva, Anelia Gerasimova, Lubomir Makedonski
Pages: 329-343
Published: 1 Jun 2017
Views: 1,085
Downloads: 401
Abstract: Marine toxins are produced by some microalgae, accumulate in filter feeding bivalves and through the food chain find their way to humans. Monitoring programs are established to respond to current legislation and focus on regulated marine toxins. However, the ultimate objective is the safety of consumers and the appearance of so called “emerging toxins” have to be considered. These include the discovery of new toxins or new toxin analogues, as well as recent appearance of known toxins in areas where they had not been previously described etc. Aim of the study is recently published data on occurrence, chemical structure, poisoning potential and methods for determination of emerging toxins in European coastal waters to be reviewed. Additionally a comparison of the toxin-producing organisms with their availability in the Black Sea is made.
Keywords: marine toxins, emerging, consumers’ safety, european coastal waters
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