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Ecology & Safety, Volume 11, 2017

Dimitra Longinou, Georgios Efthimiou, Vassilis Detsis
Pages: 353-360
Published: 1 Jun 2017
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Downloads: 236
Abstract: The scope of the present study is to assess the dynamics of Valonia oak stands in north Attica, Greece. The study site was in the area of the Afidnes municipality. Some accounts suggest that the deciduous oak stands in this area were more extensive in the past and that they have been degraded due to human actions (agriculture, animal husbandry, urbanization, wildfires etc.). Currently the stands are in the pole stage with mean diameter at breast height ranging from 12.2 to 17 cm in the surveyed plots; very few isolated individuals of great age were present. Except from the pure Valonia oak stands mixed stands of Valonia oak – Aleppo pine, Valonia oak – kermes oak and Valonia oak – kermes oak – Aleppo pine were also found. In all mixed stands individuals of almond-leaved pear were present. The dynamics of Valonia oak stands in this area show an invasion of Aleppo pine, which establishes vigorously and could gradually restrict Valonia oak in the near future. Considering that the area is severely affected by wildfires, it is sensible to conserve and foster the Valonia oak stands as well as to control Aleppo pine invasion so as to preserve the broadleaf character of the stands.
Keywords: forest, valonia oak, attica, greece
Cite this article: Dimitra Longinou, Georgios Efthimiou, Vassilis Detsis. STUDY OF A VALONIA OAK FOREST IN NORTH ATTICA, GREECE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 11, 353-360 (2017).
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