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Agriculture & Food, Volume 5, 2017

Jelena Mesarovic, Snezana Mladenovic Drinic, Vesna Dragicevic, Jelena Srdic, Milena Simic, Milan Brankov
Pages: 42-49
Published: 17 Jul 2017
Views: 1,012
Downloads: 268
Abstract: Maize with specific traits, such as sweet maize, is widely used in the human diet, especially due to its sweetness and flavor. Tocopherols, subgroup of vitamin E, are biologically active compounds. Herbicides in maize crop are used for weed control in order to create and ensure optimal conditions for the plant growth. The aim of this study was to examine the herbicides effects on the nutritive quality, i.e. tocopherols content in sweet maize kernel. This study included three different sweet maize hybrids (ZP1, ZP2 and ZP3) and two herbicides, belonging to the different groups, applied in the recommended doses. The application of herbicides has shown different reduction in content of tocopherols (α-, β + γ-, δ-) in kernel samples compared to the control (no herbicide application).
Keywords: nutritional quality, nicosulfuron, mesotrione, corn, α- tocopherol
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