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Economy & Business, Volume 11, 2017

Vera Anatolyevna Gnevasheva
Pages: 281-288
Published: 22 Aug 2017
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Abstract: Economic modeling of labor force formation processes determines the social - the change in the value of higher professional education in the consciousness of society, which predetermines the social background of consumer choice; on the other hand, economic - the modern economic consciousness of the society makes it possible to talk about the influence of the basic criteria of rational choice on consumer Preferences, including in the examination of educational services of higher professional education As the economic private and public good, and the third - demographic, as a basis for the formation of the consumer sector of the market of educational services of higher professional education. All three aspects of the process under consideration are separately defined as the social, economic and demographic models of labor force formation, respectively. Their actual interaction makes it possible to draw a conclusion about the invariable qualitative integration within the framework of a complex dynamic socio-economic system, as well as the possibility of a qualitative and holistic description only when considered within the system.
Keywords: modeling, social and economic factors, labor force, correlation
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