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Ecology & Safety, Volume 12, 2018

M. Martinov, E. Razkazova-Velkova, S. Stefanov
Pages: 165-173
Published: 27 Jul 2018
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Abstract: Paddlings of structured activated carbon are used as electrodes in a fuel cell for sulfide oxidation and nitrate reduction. The influence on the electrochemical parameters of multiple uses at the same conditions are investigated as well as the rates of depletion of the sulfides and nitrates. Regeneration of the used paddlings by thermal desorption is conducted and the paddlings are retested. The obtained electrical power rapidly decreases after the first use of the paddlings and after that the power level remains relatively constant. This is due to the wash up of some active centers over its surface. The thermal desorption increases the electrical properties of the cell. The depletion of sulfides and nitrates is within the ecological limits. A conclusion can be made that the structured activated carbon paddlings can be successfully used as electrodes for continuous operation of a sulfide-nitrite fuel cell.
Keywords: fuel cells, structured activated carbon, electrodes, nitrates, sulfides
Cite this article: M. Martinov, E. Razkazova-Velkova, S. Stefanov. SULFIDE-NITRATE FUEL CELL FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PURPOSES: A NOVEL CARBON PADDLING ELECTRODES. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 12, 165-173 (2018).
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