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Ecology & Safety 2020, 29th International Conference
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Ecology & Safety, Volume 12, 2018

Marin N. Marinov, Donyo H. Ganchev, Rumyana Y. Prodanova
Pages: 321-334
Published: 27 Jul 2018
Views: 639
Downloads: 205
Abstract: This article is presenting a study on the toxic effects of various synthetic organic compounds (spirohydantoins and their derivatives) towards Vaucheria litorea. In addition, a comparative analysis of the effects of the tested products towards Vaucheria litorea and Ulva lactuca has also been made. The tests are conducted in accordance with the international standards adopted by the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD). The statistical manipulation, Dose-Response Curves (drc) and ANOVA analyses of the data obtained are conducted with R language for Statistical Computing. The comparison graphics about the results received for the two alga species are created with the Tableau public software for interactive data visualization.
Keywords: spirohydantoins, ecotoxicology, vaucheria litorea, ulva lactuca, r language, drc, anova, tableau
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