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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 12, 2018

Valery P. Korzhov, Vyacheslav M. Kiyko
Pages: 343-365
Published: 6 Sep 2018
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Downloads: 183
Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical properties of layered type composite materials based on niobium and molybdenum, intended for use at high temperatures, are investigated. Developed materials should ideally have a multi-layer structure of hardening and visco-plastic layers. As strengthening phases, intermetallic compounds based on niobium and molybdenum with silicon and boron or carbon and boron were used. Visco-plastic layers are alloys based on the same niobium and molybdenum. In this work, multicomponent niobium alloys have also been tested. A distinctive and significant feature of the developed laminates is the use of solid-phase "technology" to produce a layered composite using diffusion welding under pressure of artificially assembled packets. For example, for composites with strengthening boridosilicides of niobium or molybdenum, the packets were assembled from thin Nb- or Mo-ribbons with (B–Si)-coatings. For the production of packets with multicomponent niobium alloys, the packet was assembled from Nb-foils with a powder multicomponent coating. Formation of reinforcing layers and alloys occurred simultaneously in the process of welding the package. A pilot experiment was performed to test the possibility of obtaining a heat-resistant coating of tungsten compounds on the surface of the package along with its diffusion welding.
Keywords: layered composite, niobium alloy, molybdenum, heat-resistant coating, boridosilicide, carbidosilicide, diffusion welding, solid-phase interaction
Cite this article: Valery P. Korzhov, Vyacheslav M. Kiyko. SOME HEAT-RESISTANT PROPERTIES OF COMPOSITE STRUCTURES AND COATINGS BASED ON REFRACTORY METALS AND ALLOYS OF SOLID-PHASE PREPARATION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 12, 343-365 (2018).
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