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Agriculture & Food, Volume 6, 2018

Raquel P. F. Guiné, Paula M. R. Correia, Sofia G. Florença
Pages: 340-349
Published: 13 Sep 2018
Views: 641
Downloads: 92
Abstract: This work aimed to evaluate the colour and sensory properties of jelly gums made with fruits and herbs. The colour was measured by a colorimeter in the Hunter lab coordinates (L*, a* and b*). Sensory evaluation comprised preference tests and profile analysis. The results showed that the colour of gums with blueberry was considerably different than other fruits (strawberry and raspberry). The sensory preference test allowed choosing 4 from the 16 prototypes developed (Blueberry & Mint, Raspberry & Mint, Strawberry & Mint, Strawberry & Anise), which were then characterized in terms of colour and sensory properties. The sensorial profile showed that Blueberry & Mint gums had visual aspect indicators as well as a better aroma to herb. However, for most of the attributes evaluated, the gums made with Strawberry & Anise got higher scores, including global appreciation. The results of colour evaluation revealed that the Blueberry & Mint gums were substantially different from the others. Hence, the results indicated that two of the gums developed, Blueberry & Mint and Strawberry & Anise, might have success when launching on commercialization.
Keywords: development of new food, consumer acceptance, colour, sensory analysis
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