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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 12, 2018

Sergey Nikolayevich Astapov
Pages: 52-59
Published: 25 Sep 2018
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Downloads: 137
Abstract: Epistemology of religious beliefs appeals to heterogeneous for religious consciousness research operations and reduces religious beliefs to propositions of doctrinal texts. The solution of this problem seems possible if instead of religious propositions analysis to realize analysis of religious discourse. Representation of religious beliefs is conditioned by main elements of the religious discourse structure: participants of the religious communication, aims, values, precedent texts. Religious discourse aims to motivation to religious activity, producing and reproducing of religious senses, strengthening of religious faith. Therefore, cognitive status of religious discourse has to be researched in the context of cultic communication. Faith in religious discourse dominates rational knowledge, and the idea of the sacred being determines meaning of religious propositions. Unity of faith and rational reasons manifests by different ways in different types of religious discourse.
Keywords: epistemology, religious beliefs, religious discourse, religious communication, philosophy of religion
Cite this article: Sergey Nikolayevich Astapov. THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL STATUS OF RELIGIOUS DISCOURSE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 12, 52-59 (2018).
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