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Materials, Methods & Technologies 2021, 23rd International Conference
19-22 August, Burgas, Bulgaria
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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 13, 2019

Valery P. Korzhov, Vyacheslav M. Kiyko, Vladimir N. Kurlov, Irina S. Zheltyakova
Pages: 48-56
Published: 18 Sep 2019
Views: 278
Downloads: 77
Abstract: To obtain layered heat-resistant composites with oxide fibers, a solid-phase method was used. The composite was a multilayer matrix of a viscous-plastic alloy Nb–C–Al and intermetallic compounds of niobium with aluminum, reinforced with Al2O3-oxide sapphire fibers. Fibers were obtained by the Stepanov method. Composites of the desired configuration were formed in the process of diffusion welding of multilayer packets assembled from U-shaped elements and the same aluminum elements with sapphire fibers inside. The microstructure of composites was investigated. The first results of mechanical tested.
Keywords: layered composite, sapphire fibers, multilayer structure, intermetallic compound, diffusion welding, microstructure, bending strength
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