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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 13, 2019

Josef Kraus, Katharina Götzen
Pages: 262-269
Published: 18 Sep 2019
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Downloads: 72
Abstract: The development of facility management is not far behind, but cleaning services are well known for even longer. For decades, the process of cleaning has not changed, although it has some negative aspects. Such negative aspects of the common way of execution – namely activity-based cleaning – can be solved through the new way of result-oriented cleaning. On the one hand, this fixes the challenges of activity-based cleaning and can achieve better cleaning results, is more environmentally friendly and the participants of the process are overall more satisfied with the result. On the other hand, it is not associated with a better price due to unpredictable actions of users of the building. Moreover, there is more work necessary to control the quality of the cleaning services. The quality factor of services and products is becoming increasingly important. Some trends – for example, digitalisation and globalisation – continue to lead to immense pressure for facilities services companies. There is massive competitive pressure among service providers nationally as well as increasingly internationally. A suitable system with a mix of sustainability and the suitable process needs to meet the requirements of the client. An entrepreneurial focus has never been as important as it is today. New technologies and digitalisation bring optimisations for all areas and companies that adopt new ways of working can be more successful than even before (Erdt 2018).
Keywords: facilities management, result-oriented cleaning, digitalisation, on demand
Cite this article: Josef Kraus, Katharina Götzen. DEVELOPMENT OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: RESULT-ORIENTED CLEANING. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 13, 262-269 (2019).
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