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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 13, 2019

Silvia Luige
Pages: 79-88
Published: 7 Oct 2019
Views: 765
Downloads: 68
Abstract: Russian language skills at a level sufficient for professional communication responsibilities have a primary importance in the training of civil servants of Estonia, including prison officers. Thus, the aim of language learning is to provide students with appropriate cross-cultural bases through the medium of communication skills needed in the professional field. The use of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method helps to achieve the goal in the most appropriate way. The Russian language is taught throughout the entire curriculum and the Russian language content takes place in parallel with the subjects of the specialty. It encourages students to learn the language dealing with the familiar issues, they have to handle the same content, and the only difference is: their activities that have to be performed in practice and in a foreign language. Using a sustainable approach when linguistic and cultural knowledge are overlapped, enables graduates to solve comprehensively professional duties in Russian when it is needed. An essential support in mastering the Russian language in this area is the Russian language studentĀ“s book for prison officers, which includes the main aspects of the specialty. Also, the methodological aspects of teaching in the context of immersion in the environment similar to the professional one enables to improve in practice communication skills taking into account the psychological impact of the real situation.
Keywords: prison officers, inmates, russian language, clil
Cite this article: Silvia Luige. CLIL METHODS: PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IN THE COLLEGE OF JUSTICE AT THE ESTONIAN ACADEMY OF SECURITY SCIENCES. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 13, 79-88 (2019).
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