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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 14, 2020

Plamen Dankov, Valda Levcheva
Pages: 131-145
Published: 12 Sep 2020
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Downloads: 42
Abstract: The modern multilayer nanomaterials and artificial metamaterials can change their dielectric and magnetic parameters (complex permittivity and permeability) in external magnetic and/or electric fields. This property has been known as magneto-electric effect: variation of dielectric constant in external dc magnetic field and v.v., variation of magnetic constant in external dc voltage. In this paper, we present the results for the observed magneto-electric effect in several types of materials including nanocomposites, multiferroics and artificial metamaterials in an external magnetic field applied in two directions: perpendicular and parallel to the sample surface. The measurement range of interest is 0.01- 40 GHz. Some of the presented effects have been observed for the first time for the considered materials. Attempts to bind the observed effect with the sample chemical and physical structures have been described. These investigations are the first stage of a bigger project for complete characterization of artificial materials in external dc magnetic field.
Keywords: composite materials, dielectric anisotropy, dielectric constant, magneto-electric effect, metamaterials, microwave measurements, multiferoics
Cite this article: Plamen Dankov, Valda Levcheva. INVESTIGATION OF ARTIFICIAL METAMATERIALS AND MULTILAYER NANOCOMPOSITES IN EXTERNAL MAGNETIC FIELD. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 14, 131-145 (2020).
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