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Economy & Business, Volume 14, 2020

Florin Lungu, Paula Flavia Biris, Sorin Suteu
Pages: 91-101
Published: 14 Sep 2020
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Downloads: 49
Abstract: Insurance is a cornerstone of modern life. Without insurance, many aspects of modern society and the economy of today could not work. Insurance industry ensures that economic, technological, demographic, political and climate risks are covered, these risks changing people's lives into everyday life. The purpose of this paper was to identify the perceptions and attitudes of Romanian consumers regarding the three types of insurance and also which category of the three is the most prevalent. Insurance companies are not sufficiently open and transparent with their customers. For better collaboration with these companies, they should offer Romanians a much more developed education in this field. The objectives of the work were mainly to find out whether people have life insurance, for cars or for the dwelling and what are the most important criteria they can use when they invest in an insurance policy. Concerning the synthesis of the results, after analyzing the answers given by the 201 respondents, it is evident that most of the respondents are female, most respondents have insurance for the motor vehicle, for housing and finally, a small percentage of people said they had a life insurance. The vast majority of respondents are aged between 30 and 49 years. The questionnaire was structured in five parts, which includes general questions on insurance, questions about life insurance, questions about motor insurance, about home insurance and of course knowledge questions. The questionnaire was applied online via and also distributed on social networking sites and the results were analyzed using SPSS software version 19. The data in this paper have the potential in the future to use the companies in the field, those companies that are interested in the continuous evolution between them and their most important supplier, the client.
Keywords: insurance, questionnaire, risk, life insurance, home insurance, car insurance
Cite this article: Florin Lungu, Paula Flavia Biris, Sorin Suteu. STUDY REGARDING THE PERCEPTION AND ATTITUDE OF CONSUMERS IN ROMANIA REGARDING LIFE, HOME AND CAR INSURANCES. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 14, 91-101 (2020).
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