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Educational Alternatives, Volume 18, 2020

Pavla Střílková, Klára Mikulcová, Kamil Kopecký
Pages: 187-193
Published: 16 Sep 2020
Views: 571
Downloads: 54
Abstract: For most children and adults, the Internet is an integral part of their lives. Their use is reflected in our everyday life. We would like to present the results of the Dangerous Challenges research. 4952 respondents aged 12-19 from all over the Czech Republic took part in this research. According to its results, 71% of Czech children and adolescents aged 12 to 19 think that the Internet is not a safe place. Although many parents think their child is safe at home at the computer, this is not the case. Various dangers lurk on the Internet, and research on Dangerous Internet Challenges has addressed one of them. Only 9.5% of respondents do not regularly watch YouTube, TikTok or both. There, they may come across hazardous material that could damage or harm them. The aim of the paper is to present the results of research that found out whether children's users know about dangerous challenges and how they approach them.
Keywords: dangerous videos, children internet usage, internet safety
Cite this article: Pavla Střílková, Klára Mikulcová, Kamil Kopecký. CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENT AND DANGEROUS CHALLENGES ON THE INTERNET IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 18, 187-193 (2020).
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