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Agriculture & Food, Volume 9, 2021

Pavel Timár, Vladimír Báleš, Róbert Volek
Pages: 12-19
Published: 18 Sep 2021
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Downloads: 123
Abstract: The aim of this work was to propose a technology for effective separation of two isomers of butanol (3-methyl butan-1-ol and 2-methyl butan-1-ol) from the multi-component mixture „fusel oil“, which is a byproduct of ethanol production via fermentation. Requirements for this separation are to achieve high degree of purity (99%+) and the highest reasonably possible yield. Additionally, we were requested to avoid the use of any additional substances, as the final product is supposed to be natural. Fusel oil sample from industrial mill was analyzed by gas chromatography. Batch rectification of fusel oil was used for this purpose. Experiments were realized on laboratory distillation packing column under various reflux ratio. Simulation calculations were done using Aspen Plus simulator with thermodynamic model UNIQAC for vapor-liquid equilibria. Results of mathematical modelling are very close to the experimental data.
Keywords: fusel oil, distillation, amyl alcohols, reflux ratio, f-factor
Cite this article: Pavel Timár, Vladimír Báleš, Róbert Volek. PRODUCTION OF SELECTED COMPOUNDS FROM FUSEL OIL. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 9, 12-19 (2021).
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