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Ecology & Safety, Volume 15, 2021

Bruna Bacalja, Maja Krčum, Matea Videk
Pages: 170-179
Published: 20 Sep 2021
Views: 495
Downloads: 64
Abstract: Air pollution, which has been identified as a global concern, has a significant influence on human health and environment. Human health is affected differently by long and short-term exposure to air pollution causing respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, long-term chronic diseases like cancer and different diseases. Ships emit significant amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere, primarily sulphur (SOX) and nitrogen oxides (NOX), as well as particulate matter (PM). Shipping emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides have consistently increased over the last thirty years, despite efforts in lowering emissions from land-based sources. As a result, the purpose of this research is to determine main ship air pollutants, their effects on human health and proposing measures of prevention.
Keywords: air pollution, shipping, health, prevention of diseases
Cite this article: Bruna Bacalja, Maja Krčum, Matea Videk. EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION FROM SHIPS ON HUMAN HEALTH. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 15, 170-179 (2021).
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