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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 15, 2021

Maya N. Ignatova, Velislava N. Lyubenova, Anastasiya J. Zlatkova
Pages: 40-49
Published: 23 Sep 2021
Views: 654
Downloads: 60
Abstract: A new adaptive linearizing control algorithm that stabilizes the target product concentration in the culture medium in such value that guarantees maximum production rate is presented. This algorithm is applied on gluconic acid production by Aspergillus Niger. A model for control of the investigated process is derived. The model identification is made on the basis of experimental data and a reduced biotechnological model of batch phase of the process. The switching from batch to continuous mode of cultivation was realized automatically in time when the gluconic acid production rate reaches one maximal value. This information was received by software sensor of gluconic acid production rate. The proposed control algorithm stabilizes the concentration of gluconic acid in the culture medium at value corresponding to the maximal gluconic acid production rate. The simulation results are promising and could be verified in laboratory conditions.
Keywords: continuous fermentation, adaptive control, gluconic acid
Cite this article: Maya N. Ignatova, Velislava N. Lyubenova, Anastasiya J. Zlatkova. ADAPTIVE CONTROL FOR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY OF CONTINUOUS BIOPROCESSES. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 15, 40-49 (2021).
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