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Educational Alternatives, Volume 19, 2021

Petаr Petrov
Pages: 313-320
Published: 4 Oct 2021
Views: 380
Downloads: 27
Abstract: The internationalization of universities is part of the process of globalization and the transformation of the world into a "global village," a theory introduced by Marshall McLuhan in the 1960s. With the entry of the information age and the development of mass communications, the distance between the individual and the rapid dissemination of information decreased. Universities quickly had to make their online presence through websites, social media profiles and even applications. This gave them access to a larger number of potential students. On the other hand, the student receives feedback on access to education, its quality and opportunities for realization. This trend will progress as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The goal of Bulgarian higher education should be to increase its recognition - firstly, among the Bulgarian communities abroad, secondly, through the rapid entry of new student markets. The tasks to be set are investments in quality, enhanced entry into the information society and the implementation of the higher education roadmap, which will provide an opportunity for orientation of potential students. It is also crucial to build strong "alumni" clubs and the real subsequent connection with them. With the implementation of such a policy in the universities in Bulgaria, the process of internationalization will begin, which is a function of the prestige of the higher education institution. A process necessary for Bulgarian foreign policy to achieve better convergence, coherence and in-depth knowledge of partner countries. This, in turn, would allow for the implementation of policies in various sectors through the exercise of "soft power" in international relations.
Keywords: university, higher education, science, globalization, internationalization, quality, foreign policy, geopolitical influence, historical communities, a
Cite this article: Petаr Petrov. INTERNATIONALIZATION OF UNIVERSITIES IN THE CONTEXT OF BULGARIAN FOREIGN POLICY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 19, 313-320 (2021).
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