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Educational Alternatives, Volume 19, 2021

Gleveșanu Andreea Eveline
Pages: 348-355
Published: 4 Oct 2021
Views: 380
Downloads: 28
Abstract: In sports there are a multitude of methods for developing "strong" motor quality, and very often training methods and methodical procedures specific to sports are applied in physical education classes in primary, elementary and middle schools in order to develop these motor qualities. In the directed physical activity there are numerous training methods and methodical procedures to develop strength in children. Properly adapted to the specific characteristics of age and training of the students these methods and procedures may become effective in optimizing the process of gaining and improving this motor quality. The aspects above were decisive in choosing this topic for further research, which aims to highlight the effectiveness of methodical procedures specific to Taekwondo in the development of strength and strong motor quality of fifth grade students in middle school. Through this research the author wishes to make known the benefits of Taekwondo for young people who practice it not only as an extracurricular activity but also as a complementary one, as a booster in the practice of other sports, with great benefits to those who practice individual sports but especially to those who are engaged in sports games.
Keywords: motor quality, taekwondo, strength, middle school students
Cite this article: Gleveșanu Andreea Eveline. A STUDY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF STRENGTH MOTOR QUALITY IN SECONDARY EDUCATION THROUGH TAEKWONDO – SPECIFIC MEANS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 19, 348-355 (2021).
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