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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 16, 2022

Ani V. Istatkova
Pages: 107-121
Published: 29 Sep 2022
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Abstract: The main objective of the construction of a methodology for research of the evolving urban environment through the cultural heritage is to reach, by scientific means, applied solutions that reveal opportunities in the process of its transformation into a sustainable, intelligent and innovative. The long-term aspiration is to outline models of integration of cultural heritage in an urban environment as a prerequisite for interactions, which is the basis for open discussions with all interested parties, as well as to be used for borrowing good practices, creating cultural routes, and networks, and extracting added economic value. The conclusions are result of research on the urban environment in 15 nationally representative of national specifics cities. The study of each of the cities is not the focus of the proposed paper, which is why they are not explicitly emphasized. The results, although achieved through the case study method, were used as a basis for the developed methodological framework. The legal framework, European policies and priorities, and good practices have been researched and presented in the article, and basic steps have been determined through which the methodology will lead to specific research and applied results, construction of an information array, synchronic analysis, diachronic analysis, analysis of the development of urban infrastructure and identified deficits.
Keywords: urban environment, cultural heritage, methodology, memory, socialization of cultural heritage, innovations, sustainability
Cite this article: Ani V. Istatkova. CULTUREN - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OF AN EVOLVING URBAN ENVIRONMENT WITH MEMORY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 16, 107-121 (2022).
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