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Ecology & Safety, Volume 17, 2023

A. M. Maqableh, Sayel M. Fayyad
Pages: 229-238
Published: 1 Nov 2023
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Abstract: Over time, clean and affordable energy sources are being embraced to meet the rising global energy demand. This paper reviews kinetic energy harvesting from wastes as a potential localized power supply for automobiles accessories. Multiple sustainable solutions have been developed because of the renewable resources' fast-growing importance and contribution to the field of power generation. Additionally, pollution in the atmosphere is getting worse every day, which is the largest threat to life of human. In the suggested study, waste air from the exhaust system can be used and transformed into power utilizing energy-conversion techniques. The proposed concept can be used to provide vehicles with an alternate source of electricity. The suggested design aims to convert gasses kinetic energy into a useful electrical source which can be used in energized cars' accessories like lighting system and other electronic units or as an optional stored energy source.
Keywords: combustion engines, kinetic energy, electrical energy
Cite this article: A. M. Maqableh, Sayel M. Fayyad. CONVERTING INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES' EXHAUST GASES KINETIC ENERGY TO ELECTRICAL ENERGY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 17, 229-238 (2023).
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