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Agriculture & Food, Volume 11, 2023

Jelena Ivan, Zoran Boca, Vladimir SabadoŇ°
Pages: 213-218
Published: 13 Nov 2023
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Abstract: The most cultivated crop in the area of Northwestern Serbia is maize. In the Sombor region maize is grown on about 60,000 ha each year, and in Serbia it is grown on more than 1,000,000 ha, which makes Serbia a significant producer of this cereal. The Agricultural Extension Service Sombor has been monitoring the correlation between agrotechnical measures and maize yield for several decades. The following agrotechnical measures are monitored: time of primary tillage, impact of previous crop, use of mineral fertilizers, time of sowing and selection of hybrids. Each of these measures are in the hands of agricultural producers and through these measures, producers effect the level of maize yield. The primary tillage in dry condition preserves the necessary soil moisture and it is one of the most important moments in production given climate change. Proper usage of mineral fertilizers, the choice of the appropriate pre-crop and sowing time also has a very significant impact on yield. Also, the choice of maize hybrids according to FAO groups and production orientation (mercantile or silage maize, sweet maize, popcorn) has a great influence on yield.
Keywords: maize, sowing time, fertilizer, previous crop
Cite this article: Jelena Ivan, Zoran Boca, Vladimir SabadoŇ°. THE EFFECTS OF AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY ON MAIZE YIELD IN SOMBOR REGION IN SERBIA IN 2013-2022 PERIOD. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 11, 213-218 (2023).
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