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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 9, 2015

Mikhail Vlaskin, Andrey Zhuk, Evgeny Shkolnikov
Pages: 368-377
Published: 31 May 2015
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Downloads: 618
Abstract: Aluminum-water reaction is carried out in special reactor developed for continuous and large-scale production. Reaction proceeds under about 300 0С and 15 MPa. The products of this reaction are monophase aluminum oxyhydroxide (gamma-AlOOH) and hydrogen. Hydrogen produced within the reactor due to aluminum-water reaction is transferred to the fuel cell or accumulated in hydrogen tanks. Produced gamma-AlOOH represents the powder consisting of agglomerated particles with the size of about 10 μm, the size of single crystal ranges from about 10 to 200 nm, specific surface from 30 to 110 m2/g.
Keywords: aluminum, energy, hydrogen, boehmite, hydrothermal oxidation, surface morphology, crystal size, surface area, pore structure, phase composition
Cite this article: Mikhail Vlaskin, Andrey Zhuk, Evgeny Shkolnikov. HYDROTHERMAL OXIDATION OF ALUMINUM FOR HYDROGEN AND ALUMINUM OXIDE/HYDROXIDE PRODUCTION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 9, 368-377 (2015).
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