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Agriculture & Food, Volume 4, 2016

Elzbieta Paduch-Cichal, Maria Bereda
Pages: 59-66
Published: 6 Jun 2016
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Abstract: The aim of the research conducted was to detect and identify allexivuruses: GarV-A, GarV-B, GarVC, GarV-D, GarV-E, GarV-X and ShVX in garlic plants from Australia, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey and Italy available on the Polish retail market by ELISA as well as RT-PCR. Allexiviruses of garlic plants have always occurred in mixed inflections. GarV-A, GarV-B, GarV-C, GarV-D, GarV-E and GarV-X were detected in garlic from Australia, Egypt and. The Mexican materials were infected with GarV-A, GarV-B, GarV-D, GarV-E and GarV-X. GarV-A and GarV-C were not detected in garlic from Turkey, whereas the garlic from Italy were GarV-C and GarV-E-free. As regards the material gathered in different parts of the world, the largest amount of onions were infected with GarV-D and GarV- X, whereas GarV-C was detected in few garlics from Australia and Egypt. ShVX was detected in none of the tests conducted.
Keywords: garlic plant, allexivirus, das-elisa, rt-pcr technique
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