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Agriculture & Food, Volume 4, 2016

Ibazhanova A., Kenzhebekova Zh., Balgimbaeva A., Amirgalieva S., Shabdarbayeva G., Turganbaeva G., Khussainov D.
Pages: 240-249
Published: 6 Jun 2016
Views: 1,961
Downloads: 378
Abstract: The article presents the results of research on the differential diagnosis of pathological dogs at various zoonotic helminths. Total for 2015 was dissected 89 corpses of dogs of various breeds and ages, 12 of which various types of helminths were found. The material for the study of differential pathological changes in dogs helminthoides served 12 corpses of dogs brought from veterinary clinics in the city of Almaty, to determine the cause of death. Of those surveyed, eight dogs were brought to agony condition with severe clinical signs. As a result of pathological studies of corpses in the heart and lungs of 2 dogs found helminths nematodes in the genus Dirofilaria, in 3 dogs in the small intestine - nematodes Toxocara canis, in 2 dogs in the small intestine and in the stomach are found nematodes Toxascaris leonina, y one bile ducts in the liver trematode species found Opisthorchis felineus, from 3 - in the front part of the small intestine mature cestode species found Echinococcus granulosus and one - nematodes Trichinella spiralis. Extensiveness of invasion (EI) amounted to 13.4%, the intensity of infection (II) at various helminthoses ranged from 1 to 29 specimen.
Keywords: toxocarosis, toxascaridosis, opisthorchosis, trichinosis, echinococcosis, dirofilariasis, multiceptosis, hydatigenosis, dipilidiosis, trematodes, cest
Cite this article: Ibazhanova A., Kenzhebekova Zh., Balgimbaeva A., Amirgalieva S., Shabdarbayeva G., Turganbaeva G., Khussainov D.. PATHOLOGIC MORPHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS OF HELMINTHIASIS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 4, 240-249 (2016).
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