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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 10, 2016

Yu. N. Shmotin, A. V. Logunov, D. V. Danilov, I. A. Leshchenko, I. I. Khryashchev
Pages: 66-82
Published: 1 Jul 2016
Views: 2,159
Downloads: 598
Abstract: Increased requirements for contemporary marine and industrial gas turbines signify economic justifiability of aerospace technologies and materials application in design and manufacture thereof, in particular application of single-crystal heat-resistant alloys, including those alloyed with rhenium, as a material for turbine blades. The particular feature of the requirements for heat-resistant materials for gas-turbine equipment of marine and industrial application is the necessity to ensure not only high heat resistance, as in aviation alloys, but also sufficiently high corrosion resistance at operating temperatures, which is associated with the use of less pure, compared to aviation kerosene, diesel fuel and associated gas. Besides, presence of sea salt particles in the air is an important factor for marine GTUs. This paper presents a new advanced heat-resistant nickel-based alloy simultaneously possessing sufficiently high resistance to hot-salt corrosion and heat resistance level comparable to aviation alloys.
Keywords: development of nickel-based heat-resistant alloy, marine alloys, high temperature salt corrosion, creep rupture strength
Cite this article: Yu. N. Shmotin, A. V. Logunov, D. V. Danilov, I. A. Leshchenko, I. I. Khryashchev. HIGH HEAT-RESISTANT CORROSION-RESISTANT SUPERALLOY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 10, 66-82 (2016).
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