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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 10, 2016

Marcin Dubowik, Piotr Przybysz, Marta Kucner, Kazimierz Przybysz, Edyta Małachowska
Pages: 232-238
Published: 1 Jul 2016
Views: 1,277
Downloads: 499
Abstract: This article presents the impact of laboratory refiner load on papermaking potential of paper. Bleached pinewood kraft pulp from one of paper mills was used for the investigation. The main goal of the work was to investigate the influence of refiner load on properties of paper. According to scientific literature it is assumed that lower refiner load enable to obtain paper of high tensile properties but requires longer refining time. This concept was investigated in this work. Cellulosic pulp was refined in Valley beater and after refining properties of both pulp and paper were investigated. The obtained results have led to conclusions that there is a minimal refining load which is necessary produce paper with sufficient tensile properties. Moreover, observed differences in paper properties for different refining load after exceeding this minimal value are not very significant. Furthermore, detailed characteristics of paper refined using different load from 1,361 kG up to 8,165 kG are presented.
Keywords: refining, valley beater, wrv, refiner load, breaking length, tear resistance
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