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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 10, 2016

Galina N. Ignatyeva, Lucia Baillen Hernandez
Pages: 513-528
Published: 11 Jul 2016
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Downloads: 535
Abstract: Relationships were found between the water retention capacity and the concentration of alcohol insoluble pectins, particle size of dietary fibres. Parameters of π-electron cloud would have a significant role in the water adsorption capacity of fibres. Relationships were found between mixed biopolymer compositions and viscosity characteristics. These results show that the viscosity of 5% water suspension increased through the increase of the grade esterification of water soluble pectins and the galacturonic acid content of alcohol insoluble pectins in dietary fibres. The viscosity of 1% water dispersions of these fibres increased during increasing the molecular weight of water soluble pectin. The obtained fibres can serve to enhance water and oil retention, improve emulsion stability, production of the gel delivery system and foamed cream delivery system based on dietary fibres and bioactive components for use in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis. The dietary fibres have shown the inhibition of cell proliferation (HT29).
Keywords: mixed biopolymers, dietary fibres, physicochemical properties, viscosity, gelling strength
Cite this article: Galina N. Ignatyeva, Lucia Baillen Hernandez. THE PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF DIETARY FIBRE ARE DEPENDENT ON THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF GLYCOPOLYMERS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 10, 513-528 (2016).
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