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Educational Alternatives, Volume 14, 2016

Naďa Krivoňáková
Pages: 326-335
Published: 25 Sep 2016
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Downloads: 259
Abstract: Nowadays e-learning becomes more used in university education. Well-prepared e-course has an important position in students‘ preparation. It helps the students to master and strengthen their knowledge actively so that they are able to apply the knowledge suitably in further learning process, scientific activities or in practical life. In this paper we deal with e-courses already created by us and used by our students. We focus mostly on e-course „Proseminar from mathematics” designated to technical university students as well as on e-course „Logic” designated to humanities oriented students. In the paper we evaluate effectiveness and applicability of their utilization for students of both scientific orientations.
Keywords: e-learning, e-course, education, evaluation, logic, mathematics
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